Congress Topics / Kongre Konuları

Conference Topics

The topics of the conference include, but not limited to, the areas listed below:

Research Field



Alternative Tourism Types in Rural Regions and the Importance of Rural Tourism,  Alternative Tourism, Alternative Tourism Activities for Sustainable Development Goals, Rural Partnerships for Sustainable Development Goals, Climate Change and Tourism, Tourism Strategies and Rural Tourism Policies, Technology, Innovation, E-Tourism, Capacity Management in Rural Tourism, Rural Tourism and Rural Poverty, Extension  and Education for Rural Tourism, Green and Circular Economics Relations, Employment, Investment and Support in Rural Tourism, Planning of Rural Tourism and Urban Relations, Transformations in Rural Regions &Tourism, Women and Youth in Rural Tourism, Rural Recreation and Rural Landscape, Rural Tourism and Environment, Health and Aromatic Plants in Rural Tourism, Social Farm and Care Farming Tourism  in Rural, Rural Heritage and Tourism, Geographical Indications and Tourism, Local Products and Culinary Culture, Other Types of Tourism in Rural Areas, Handicrafts in Rural Tourism


General agriculture, agricultural education, biodiversity, plant and animal genetic resources, biotechnology, horticulture, plants, animal production, animal nutrition, rangeland management, crop-livestock farming, soil health, agriculture social economics, integrated pest management, and integrated agriculture management

Ecological and Climate change

Ecological Sciences, local ecological knowledge, soil, water, and climate, climate change, structures and environment, ecosystem services and rangelands, agroecology, waste management, biosolids, water and wastewater treatment, maintenance and operation, surface and groundwater resources, and hydraulic structure

Food Sciences

Food sovereignty and food security, food quality

Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

cultivation, economy, industrial use, obtaining medicine,




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